Oletko koskaan kuullut seurakunnasta, joka on tehnyt parannuksen? -John MacArthur saarnaa

John MacArthur saarnaa aiheesta, Calling the Church to Repent, Part 1 & Part 2


So that led me to ask the question, which I asked back at the conference, “Have you ever heard of a church that repented – ever – a church that repented?” Not individuals, but collectively a church that came together and repented. Have you ever been part of a church that repented, that looked at itself and recognized its collective and congregational transgressions, and openly, genuinely, with sadness and brokenness for its sins against its head, the Lord Jesus Christ, came together in a full act of repentance?

You probably have not heard of a church that did that. Churches that perhaps least need to repent don’t even consider that. Churches that most need to repent resent the idea. Have you ever known a pastor who led his church to repent for collective congregational transgressions and then threatened them with heavenly judgment if they refused to repent? It’s not likely. Pastors have a hard enough time calling individuals to repent, let alone the whole church and all its leaders for their corporate sins against Christ their head. In fact, those who might be so bold to call their own church to repent would most likely lose their job. But they would certainly receive hostility, resistance, scorn, some level of rejection.



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