Hillsong -ilmiö ja seurakunnan pimentäminen

Hillsongchurchwatch -blogi kirjoittaa aiheesta postauksessa “Hillsong uniting church and stage” . Hillsongin saavuttua penkeistä, seinistä, katosta ja esiintymislavasta tuli mustia. Myös ikkunat tummennettiin. Miten tällaisessa ympäristössä voi lukea Raamattua? Onko tämä vertauskuvallista?

We were naturally cautious since we saw what Hillsong did to Garden City Christian Church, my old stomping ground in the 80s. We have seen how Hillsong turned the sanctuary black. It had previously been high-ceilinged, well lit from both behind and the side by large ceiling to floor glass door/windows. The seating had been a rich red, the paneling a light pine and the bricks a pale cream. It was always a beautiful building to sit in, filled with natural light which certainly didn’t detract from the stage. Yet now from the outside all you can see are blackened windows. I have recently seen a photograph of it’s interior and there are the black seats and the black walls now as well.

 .. From there we could see another doorway into the inner sanctum. Six more ‘greeters’ were lined up at that doorway and the interior of this section was completely black; black carpets, chairs, walls, ceiling and stage. My daughter noticed that the children’s church which was beyond one of the corridors off the foyer was also blacked out in similar style. This to my mind is not just committing to the Hillsong brand, it is causing its little ones to stumble. Children love colour and light and are often scared of the dark. Why expose them to a wholly adult and frankly not terribly wholesome experience in the tenderness of their youth….

Joh 8:12

Niin Jeesus taas puhui heille sanoen: “Minä olen maailman valkeus; joka minua seuraa, se ei pimeydessä vaella, vaan hänellä on oleva elämän valkeus”


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